DC: “Lois Lane is dating a colleague at the DAILY PLANET (and his name isn’t Clark Kent) and she has a new position with the paper.”

Note: I don’t really know very much about reporting the in the real world, so everything I say about reporting below is based upon it’s portrayed in the media world. Since that is the world Lois lives in, I’m not too worried about this, but I thought I should announce that. 

There’s been a lot of focus on the aspect that Lois is dating someone new. To me, however, that aspect is annoying, but less worrisome that the announcement that she has a new position at the Daily Planet. It doesn’t really matter whether this means that Lois is going to be promoted to editor or demoted to a photographer or printer. Either way, I am unhappy, because Lois Lane already has the perfect job for her.

Being a reporter regularly allows her to exercise her intelligence, courage, and determination. An Editor’s position probably calls for just as much intelligence and determination, but I doubt Lois would view supervising a newspaper to be as interesting as uncovering that the Toyman is secretly behind the new version of killer Barbies sweeping the nation. Being a photographer would allow her to be out in the field, but wouldn’t allow her to show off her brilliance through stunning articles composed at the last minute. Being a reporter is one of the few newspaper-related jobs that perfectly fits her personality and needs. (Being a CIA agent would probably fit those needs as well, though she’s not big on lying.)

Lois Lane has had since 1938 what everybody wants: a job that perfectly suits her needs. I’m sure she wouldn’t object to slight changes in her job description, such as more visits overseas and more war-related assignments, but I don’t see those details being dramatic enough for DC to make a big announcement about her job being changed. It would definitely be a change to have her be a full-time _____ or war correspondent, but that would require having her be out of Metropolis most of the time and thus away from Superman. It is definitely possible that being a correspondent is what DC refers to, but it doesn’t make much sense. Sadly, the more obvious solutions is that she becomes an editor/publisher/photographer/etc. at the Daily Planet in Metropolis. 

And it is that I object to. Even as aspects of Lois’s character have changed over the years, she has always remained an excellent reporter. I’m not any more fond of Lois’s Silver Age incarnation than most people, but her conniving and sneaky nature definitely assisted her in her job (that is, when she found time off from her busy Superman-hunting days to do it). Please don’t destroy one of the few aspects of Lois Lane’s character you haven’t yet managed to fuck up, DC. Please?

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